Saturday, September 29, 2007

I gave in finally

yip, that I did...gave in finally!! I have a few of those Michael's 1.5o stamps, also a few acrylic stamp sets and haven't really had a place to put them...been sort of storing them in several empty diaper wipe containers. So, yesterday was the day that I sat down and put all of my clear stamps in cd they are in a more organized state...and I got my cd cases from my local Superstore because my local dollar store didn't have. Plus, they had no idea if they would get them in again and or where they were kept...they were basically as helpful as the staff at Michael's :p! I love this idea of storing them there in these cases, I even glued the printed images that came with the stamps on some plain recipe cards so that I could tuck them into the same case as the stamps. I also decided that now was the time to do this, because I figured I would only be getting more of these kinds of stamps and not less :p!