Thursday, September 6, 2007

My sons first day of Primary

Well, yesterday was the BIG day in our house where our oldest started Primary and he has to be bused to school too (about a 45 min bus ride). He was so excited yesterday that he forgot what liquid is supposed to go on your cereal...he grabbed the juice container and poured a good 1/2 c of raspberry juice onto his "Honeynut Cheerios". When he did it is looked at me and said "Sorry mommy, but this is not a good start to my Primary day!" Lol, that just melted my heart when he said that :)! This first picture is of him after we got the juice out of his cereal, and my dh was helping him with pouring of the milk...poor guy!

This next picture is of my son holding his lunch box up, it was important that I took this picture because it is a "Lightening Mcqueen" lunch box and it si one that he picked out. See a theme here??

The following picture is my son out on our front deck showing off his "Lightening Mcqueen" backpack, and his huge smile :).

And then there is this picture with a BIGGER smile...can you tell he is excited?? Lol, poor child was so excited he didn't know if he was coming or going or what to do with

Here is the route we walk every morning at about 7:oo a.m. to get to my sons bus stop, nice pretty route but I must say this morning was kind of nippy. The bus comes at 7:05 a.m. and arrives back to our house at 2:13 or there abouts in the afternoon.

This next picture is of my son getting on the school bus without giving me a hug or a kiss goodbye or no wave looking back. Lol, mommy felt sad then :(!

This final picture is of my son on our way home from our first day of school, and it was a super one. He loves the teacher, and he is always looking forward to going back :)! I did well, no tears in the morning...but I did miss him throughout the day. I am glad that he is going to school, glad he likes it and his teachers but there is part of me who is feeling kinda empty...know what I mean???


Tracy.H said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. At least his first experience has gone well though...makes it a little easier on Mom! ;0)