Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My poor puter

My computer is at the computer hospital, lol, it needs to have Windows 2000 re-installed (grumbling under breath). Luckily I found someone near where I live who can fix computers and at a good price, I will get it back in a day or two :( *eye twitching*. Thought I wouldn't be able to post on my old sllllooooowwww computer, and would have to delay drawing for my blog candy (not good right!!).

While I was throwing fits this morning early, I thought I would create a card but feels it is lacking something...here's the picture of it (yes, Julie figured out how to get it on here :) ) so you can help me with adding something to it.

Meanwhile I will tell you what I used to make this card :)!! I used the new SU color cardstock called "River Rock", marked it at 4 16 " mark by 5 1/2" mark and cut off what wasn't needed. Was using the "River Rock" cardstock for my cards base, and next I took a piece of white scrap cardstock that I had and I stamped the tree image onto it (the stamp set that I used to make this card is called " Collectors Edition Holiday Cheer" from the Clear Design" stamp set from Hero Arts. Cute stamp set I picked up a few weeks ago at Carsand Mosher PhotoMemories store, I walked by it and I just couldn't leave it there :p. I then measured and cut out a red piece of cardstock (Crimson flat Cardstock from Carousel), that I had left over from another project I did awhile ago... then attached my tree stamped image to the red cardstock with the Photo stickers. Next, I stamped and colored my bird image...then I cut him out carefully and attched him to the cardstock using the photodots. I also used versamark ink pad to add the "Snowflake" looking image that you see all over my cardbase, then I attached the red cardstock with stamped tree image and bird image onto my base using the photo dots. Then I added the sentiment using my black "Brilliance" ink pad, at the bottom of my stamped image :)! Now, I feel that this card is lacking something and am looking to you for help :)...any ideas??


rebecca said...

It looks great to me, but if you need some eye-popping addition, how about some glitter on the star and maybe just a random spot of glitter on the background stars?

Julie Mutch said...

Hi Catherine,

I don't think you need to add anything to this card! I love it...the colours, the great Xmas tree, the sweet little birdie. Too cute, I wouldn't change a thing! Great job! :)


Ila said...

I think it's Beautiful just as it is...the most I would add is a little glitter. I love the colors you've used...and the stamp..My daughter just purchased this stamp set for me in the city....I have to wait till Thanksgiving to get it...Waahh.