Friday, August 31, 2007

Cuttle me this Cuttle that...

I am thrilled to say that I have finally gotten a "Cuttlebug" machine *HURRAY*, and 2 folders to go with it from the new store I was telling you about the other day :)! I just couldn't wait any longer, plus she had a very super duper price on them too I ran out and got it :D! The two folders I got are: the script one and the snowflakes one , I can't wait to use them. When I got home, my dh asked me what it was and so I had to show, to my amazement he thought it was pretty cool and he felt he should have the first use of it but he started to get addicted. I had to cut him off, lol...I think if I hadn't my whole house and children would have been Cuttlebugged. I will have to make a card with my new folders tomorrow, no time tonight...but I might :)!
Oh by the way the lady who runs that scrapbook store donates all her proceeds to the professional Alpine skiiers in Canada :D! I thought that was kinda neat and another great way to support our Canadian Athletes :D!