Thursday, August 30, 2007

My cutie pie

Here is a recent picture of my little cutie pie, she is now able to pull herself up to stand but is too scared to try getting down. She has 6 teeth now, 5-6 are coming in together and driving her crazy...she is also getting hair :D!! Guess who can't wait to get little pigtails or something in her hair,lol, ok it is an easy guess :p! Oh yeah, can't forget her most recent milestone...clapping, she loves to clap...she is too cute when she tries to clap because sometimes she gets carried away and hits herself instead. Lol, ok enough rambling...but I had to show you my dd :D!

It is funny because she looks like I did at this age, and my 3 year old son he also is the spitting image of me at his age except I had browner hair than he has.


JaszboChristus said...

Your child is adorable and beautiful. Keep it up. Remember that Jesus said, "Blessed are the little children for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."