Tuesday, August 21, 2007

the countdown starts...

The countdown starts here in my house for when my oldest starts Primary, everyday he asks me "mommy, how many days are left until I goto school?" I keep telling him that he is going to start school on Sept. 5th, we then bring out the calendar and count the squares. Once we do that, he always says "awwww mommy, that is still too far for me to wait!"
Last week we went to Payless shoe store to their BOGO event (Buy one get one free or half price), I was sort of hoping that he would chose a different pair of shoes but apparently he knew exactly what he wanted. "Lightening Mcqueen" sneakers, I was also sort of hoping that the sneakers would have laces....none did, not a single pair of boy shoes did....the toddler/baby shoes did but that's it. So he found a "Lightening McQueen" sneaker that was exactly what hw was looking for, it was cooler than the pair he had on his feet and these one's flashed in all the right spots. I gave in and got those one's, because he liked them but also the other sneakers didn't fit him right.
We then had to goto a store to get a larger backpack than what he had been using in Preschool, I just happened to notice that the Disney store had a 25% off sign out that was for their backpacks. Otherwise I would just walk past, I wouldn't consider even going there! We found a "Lightening McQueen" backpack that fit the bill, plus it had a lunch bag that clips into the school bag. Now I just have to get him 2 or so more pairs of pants and we are set, the boy is growing like a weed and is going through pants like crazy....luckily his brother is able to wear them too :).