Friday, August 17, 2007

constant flash, flash, flash, flash and constant rumbles with a few BANGS

For someone who was hoping to get more sleep last night, I didn't do well at all...because we had the worse thunder and lightening storm I have ever been in. The lightening was constant, there was never a second when there was no lightening going off...thunder was pretty constant constant you couldn't tell which crash belonged to which flash. It lasted from 3 a.m. until 5 a.m., power went out too and so my dh was late for work same with my next door neighbour who came and went in a flash to drop off her son to me.
The 2 nights before that, my dd had me up all night due to her thinking I was some kind of human pacifier...she thought she should nurse all night. This was not going to happen, besides if one does that you will be sore and I don't need that :p! Apparently this is normal when lil one's are going through milestones of somesort, well that she is...she is crawling, standing up, sitting, getting new teeth, and she is also getting a growth spurt. So the past few mornings I have gotten up with a headache which lasts for most of the day, and I have to hold my eyes open with tooth picks (not really,lol).