Thursday, August 9, 2007

CCE #6 cards

Thank you so much for these wonderful cards :), I recieved them on Friday which was a nice treat before I left for my parents cottage. This first card is from Carole Mork, I am wondering how she did the base of this looks like she took a toothbrush with paint on it and spattered the paint all over the cardstock.

The second card is from Heather Robinson, and I just love what she did with this is amazing. I too am wondering if she stamped the images on the base cardstock or if the paper came like that??? Beautiful work gals, keep em coming :D!
Lol, for someone who said that they weren't going to be posting much I am totally doing the complete opposite. Tee hee...oh well, call it therapy perhaps!! Not my fault I got neat mail, a blog candy contest, a beautiful sympathy card from my good close friend Julie and I took lots of great pictures on the weekend :D!