Saturday, August 25, 2007


Last night there was nothing on T.V., so I went to town to get a movie for myself and my dh to watch...but everything new at the usual spot I get movies at were rented. I went to a convenient store, there I found a movie called "The Ultimate Gift" which I hadn't heard anything about and so that is the one I got. Wow!! Good movie, starts out kind of slow and makes you wonder if it is going to get better or worse...luckily it does get better. It is a really good movie, and the acting is really good too...but make sure you have your tissue boxes near by just in case.
We also saw the movie with John Travolta, Tim Allen who are motorcycle had it's funny moments but wasn't the best movie that I have seen.


rebecca said...

I don't think Travolta and his buddies were out to make a great movie, but I laughed my way all the way through Wild Hogs. Maybe you have to be in those "prime time/mid-life crisis" years to really think it's funny. I'll check out "The Ultimate Gift."