Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ok, now for the story about my dd

My dd woke up early Tuesday morning with a high fever of 104, she had it all week...I couldn't get it to go down more than a degree or two. I used Motrin and Tylenol and, it still wouldn't go down! I took her to a duty doctor on Wed. night, she thought she had some sort of biral infection and told me to continue with the Motrin. She also told me that my dd's ears, throat were all not sore or infected looking...which I thought she had an ear infection since she was pulling on her ears. Thursday I thought her fever had broken, and that we were in the clear....wrong, her fever got higher :(! Thursday night, I talked to a Pharmacist and she thought that I should go take my dd into the IWK (it is a children's hospital in our area) if her fever hadn't lifted in 48 hours since I had her into the duty doctor.
Friday morning she seemed to be fine, her fever actually did seem to be totally gone and then I noticed that she started to get a pink rash all over her body and face. It seemed like it was itchy because she would rub her face on anything that was nearby like carpet, my shoulder, her crib sheet. So at one point I thought I would rub it with my fingers gently, sure enough she leaned hard into my fingers as if to say "Oh yes, keep going mommy that feels good!" I gave her a bath in baking soda (supposed to help with all sorts of things), and it helped a little but not a lot...poor thing :(! Friday afternoon I decided that I should take her in to get looked at, we had a very good doctor there who told me that she probably has Rosella...starts with high fever for 4-5 days then goes away as fast as it came and then a rash comes for 2-3 days. He also told me she had a sore throat, which was causing her ear to hurt and possibly be giving her a headache too and so he told me to give her Tylenol. He also said that if her fever lasted all weekend, to bring her back in Sunday afternoon or Monday morning!
I woke up this morning, to find my little dd's rash got worse...and she is more itchy than she was before...the pharmacist told me to use Caladryll (sp unsure) or Hydrocortisone (spelling is probably wrong here too, lol). Other than that she seems to be cranky as all get out, but still is hungry and sleeps a lot! I will keep you all posted!


rebecca said...

Poor little thing! I hate it when the wee ones can't tell you what's wrong. I guess you can look for the tiny bit of "good" you'd love to see -- she's sleeping a lot!

Tracy.H said...

Poor thing! and poor mom too...not fun when your little one is sick. Our oldest had it too when she was little. We did not go through it that long though and she ended up having a reaction to the penicilin. Not fun! Hope she feels better soon. :0)