Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Bday gift for my mil (mother in law)

Here is what I made for my Mother in law for her bday gift, I am taking the chance that she isn't going to check out my blog in the next couple of hours because I am giving it to her tonight. I used tumble tile (the tiles I got were marble looking) from Home Depot ( you can get 9 or 10 tiles in a box, that are $5.99 a box), and thin self adhesive cork board to mount on the back of the tile. I also used a spray called "Americana" sealer/finisher that had a matte look to it, but if you want a glazed sort of look then you can get that kind too...I bought this spray at Michael's craft store.

I first washed the tiles ( I used 8 tiles), because they are usually pretty dusty or dirty when you get them and then I let them dry for several minutes outside. Next, I stamped the images I wanted onto the tile...let the ink dry (I used black Stayz On ink) and once it was dry I sprayed them with the spray I mentioned above. It also only takes a few minutes for this spray to dry, and I also sprayed them outside so they could dry it had to be done in a well ventilated area :)! Once the tiles dried I brought them inside and cut out the cork board, one thing I should mention is that on the kind I bought it had a grid layed out for you and so it made it easier to cut out. When I got all the cork pieces cut, I peeled off the paper to reveal the sticky part and then I carefully stuck it onto the tile and pressed firmly all over it to make sure it stuck everywhere. Then you are done :)! I know I already sort have explained this project before , but I thought there might be new readers and wanted to cover it again :)!


Tracy.H said...

These look great. I really must try some of these one day. :0)