Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cardio kickboxing class # 3 *wipes brow*

Wow, last night was putting the moves that we learned in our first two classes together and then adding some more new moves to the mix. Faster pased music it seemed last night, she started out with a cool tune that sounded like tribal music...am really wanting to borrow her music she has...that way I can do this at home when this course is done. Anyways, I actually didn't fumble up too badly last night...there were a few moves that I sort of thought to myself I am too old to do...and am not that flexible to do them. I tried them and I did my best...last nights class we just did mostly a leg work out, we did some jabbs and stuff like that but mostly leg stuff.
I am really hoping that she will do some ab stuff too, but then again...we are having our abs tight through the whole class, that is a workout in itself :p! I forget sometimes that I have had my abs tightened, and then I notice that at some point I let them go...got to remember somehow to keep them engaged. I am not sore today, at least not as sore as I thought I would be...there was one exercise we did where we were standing with our feet far apart, we then squatted down as far as we could go with feeling comfortable. Then, we started jumping in that postion but only on the balls of our feet...wow, the burn you get in your calves is insane especially after 4 rounds of them. I can't wait until next class :)! Haven't seen any results yet, except soreness :P...but I am thinking it is too soon to see any results....will keep you posted :).
Lol, my dad who is recovering nicely from his heart attack told me that if he was to do this cardio kickboxing class he'd have to change the name to "Cardio Kick the Bucket". My mom didn't think that was too funny, but I am glad to see that he is getting his sense of humour back :).


Tracy.H said...

Sounds like a good workout! Well even though it is tough, I am glad that you are enjoying it. Glad to hear that Dad is doing better. :0)