Thursday, June 14, 2007

Here is my altered tin :)!

Here is what I finally came up with for a gift for my sons Preschool teacher :)! As I said last night, it was easier than I thought it would be...I just have to go out and get more of that tacky tape I used :)! I will def. be making more of these fun tins...dunno about those pails though with the handles just yet, I will let Julie and other more adventurous people do those :p.
Just to let you all know my dd tests seemed to go well today, we get to hear the results on the 26th of June...while we were there though she had another sort of tremor of her head but of course no one else saw it. Sigh, I am going to be grey haired by next week :p! Sorry this is such a short post, but I have to get my 3 children fed because Mommy is going out tonight with some other mommas like Julie :)! I soooo need this "me time" after a day like today....I will post more over the next couple of days, I have lots of pictures that I took that I would like to get on here :). Here's the angle shot of my tin that I did, lol, thought I would play around with this shot:


Tracy.H said...

The tin looks great!! Have fun tonight with all the mommas! You all deserve a night out.