Friday, October 12, 2007

I just realized something

Oh boy I am sooooooo bad....I just came across a gift (a cross stitch) that should have been done ages ago...I am soooooo bad, better start doing that too and get it off to my friend. Yip, I cross stitch too on the rare occassion...I am not like a pro by any means, but I usually get one cross stitch done a year. Sorry, Allison for not getting this cross stitch to you sooner..I feel soooooo bad :(!
I also just realized that I have to make one of my fun knotted blankets for a friend who had a baby a few months ago, basically here is what I do: I get a meter and a half of patterned fleece and one meter and half of plain fleece fabric. Then, when I get home I lay both of the fabrics out on top of eachother and I cut the fabric out as straight as I can...can get pretty frustrating!! Next, I take my Fiskars scissors and I cut out strips (the strips are about the length of my scissor blades) all along the sides of my material...once you are done cutting out the strips all along the sides you are to start tying the two materials together. When you are done you have a snuggly warm blanket, that required no sewing and it is 2 fleece fabrics thick...great blanket for a fall night. I have made all my children one, my dh one, my mil one, my nephew one, several friends one....going to have to do one for my relatively new niece in Toronto for xmas (it's okay she doesn't read yet :p). They are a fun blanket to make, and doesn't take long at all :D! Try it out, makes for great gifts :)!


Tracy.H said...

Sounds cool. You will have to post a pic for us to see one though! :0)