Friday, October 31, 2008

My spidey, princess

So my 4 year old decided he was going to be Spiderman the other day for Halloween, since he got up this morning he has worn his Spiderman costume all around the house. He LOVES it, however my dh and I felt that since he couldn't have the candy or the hot chocolate or the smores at our church that I would stay home with him and my dd. He also doesn't do well with crowds, or changes in routines well either and so we thought it best we just rent "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything". He has been giggling through most of the movie, so I think I got a good movie for him. Meanwhile my dh and our oldest, have gone to the church to help out with the Halloween Harvest for the hungry...which is a great cause :)! I was going to take a bunch of pictures of him, but he isn't one to like a lot of pictures taken of him.

Here is my dd all dressed up in her little butterfly costume, I let the children wear their costumes around the house to show our Early Interventionist and they actually have kept them on all day. What a cutie pie :)!

Here she is in the morning just after we took her oldest brother to the bus stop for school this morning. She wanted to wear her wings over her sweater, and to run around the house with them on. She paused just for a minute or two for this picture to be taken...

Here she is posing for me, little did she know I was sitting next to her taking her picture...she was too busy watching Dora :)!

Have a great weekend everyone,