Friday, October 24, 2008

Julie's gals bday cards

Tomorrow is Julie's little girls Birthday party, and so I needed 2 very special cards...easy right?? Not for me today for some reason, but I finally made 2 cards that I felt both girls would really love...this is after a few attempts at other card ideas. Anyways, here are the two cards for the 2 boys are madly in love with Julie's gals *tee hee* :)!

Lol, it would help if I told ya which card went to which girl...sorry...was out late last night :)!! The first card with the daisy is for Julie's oldest girl, and the second card with the monkeys is for her youngest gal...E* picked out the monkey stamp for the card. The daisy card I cased from a card Linda Duke made, and the monkey card was one I cased from a card that Jennifer Ofiana made.