Friday, October 3, 2008

card for a class I am teaching

Yep, you read it right...I am teaching a cardmaking class and I am excited :)! Especially since I am helping my friend Anita teach it, and we have 14 people in our class ranging in age (We even have a guy *GASP* I know). Anyways, I tried lots of different stamped images with this card and boy was I getting frustrated by the end of I thought I need a change in my crafty area. Lol, nothing really to do with my card or does it??? I felt perhaps that if I change my room around that I would get HUGE inspiration, but then I thought I should get those cards done first. So I got the card done, still not sure if it is a good one to do with this has to be sorta basic because no one really makes cards except for Anita and I. Let me know what you think (especially you Anita), and thank you ahead of time :)!

So on to my crafty area transformation, well it took a little longer than I thought it would and it was harder to do with 2 little helpers. I tried 5 different ways of having the furniture, then I decided that the HUGE china hutch in the corner HAD to move and so I set to reminded me of that game "Tetris" but nothing was falling. I slid everything to one side, then moved the hutch along, then moved everything to the otherside while I got the hutch to where I wanted it and then started to play with everything else. I even moved my computer desk to a new spot..tee hee, I am excited now and it feels right! Lol, the only fear I have is that my mil and dh will get upset with me for moving those 2 heavy things without any, I have a bad left knee too. It sort of hurts, so I am icing it :)!
I know it still is kind of messy, baby steps here, baby steps :p! It will be spotless (or sort of) soon enough...just need to take a bit of a breather here with some ice on my knee :{.

Thanks for looking, hoping some sort of card making frenzy will come upon me in this new crafty spot :)!



Tracy.H said...

Great card! Good luck with the class.

Okay...glad to see that I am not the only one who stamps like a mad scientist! ;0)