Thursday, October 30, 2008

beautiful cards gals

The other night, Julie had the usual gals over to have a crafty night and I was unable to go but I did drop off our card challenge that we had to do. Our challenge to our group this time was to make a Christmas card, then we draw names and then exchange the cards we made. I apparently got Deborah's card, look at this beautiful card...will have to get her to show me how to do this technique. I LOVE Deborah's cards, they are always so beautiful and done with different techniques too :)!

Then I also left another card I made for a previous challenge that I accidentally forgot at home, I actually nearly took Julie hostage and drove back home to get it. Anyways, I was to exchange my card with Louise when I saw her the next time and here is the card I got from her. I LOVE this card Louise, and the asian look to it too...she used the "Matchbook" card technique.


Deborah March said...

Aawww, we missed you Ms Catherine. But glad to hear you got ahead on some of the wedding work. See you next time, I'll show you how to do the ecoline inks background! ;)