Monday, July 30, 2007

What do you think??

Most of Saturday was spent with my Dh, and my dd looking for a new to us frustrating..but while we were out (over by Kims place) having lunch at DQ the car died *the battery did*. So we called a friend of ours but he was in Hubbards, so he wasn't any help...didn't have Kim's number either with me (going to have to carry that from now on)! My hubby goes over to a Honda CRV that has a Volunteer Firefighter plate on it, so he thought that would be it and no more worries. He goes up to the window, asks the lady for a jump for our car...she said "don't have cables" and to that he said that we did. She looked at him and said "mmmm, don't want to help!" Lol, nice eh...You'll save me from a burning building but you won't help give me a jump?? What happened to helpful nova scotains?? Anywho, I was a little hot and upset at this, I volunteered to go dh said good take dd with you and see if some guy will help you out. I set out across the parking lot, sure enough a guy in a car offered to help :D...they were quite helpful and polite about it. Off we went to do more car hunting, still no luck in the end!
Had to tell you that story though :)!


Tracy.H said...

I can't believe she would'nt give you a boost! I can understand people not wanting to give someone a ride, but here you are a family not like some strange man asking her for help. Sad...