Thursday, July 19, 2007

Update on my hand

I went for my follow up doctor appointment to get my thumb checked out, and it still hurts when she was examining it. She took off the gauze part of my cast/splint back on with the Tensor wrap bandage, she told me to keep it on all the time but I can take it off when I shower. The key is when it is off I am not allowed to move it, sounds easy right? Lol, plus she is referring me to either orthopedics or Plastics to have them do the follow follow up...she is concerned about the circulation.
In the afternoon I got a sharp pain in my arm, so I took off the splint cast to see if something in it was causing the pain. When I took it off my thumb became tingly like pins and needles, then that feeling spread to the rest of my hand...kinda scarey...once the feeling came back I put the cast splint back on. I took it off again last night because my mom wrapped the Tensor wrong, and again my thumb and hand went numb/ pins and needles like. I really hope it isn't a circulation problem, that wouldn't be good!! Keep you posted :)!


Tracy.H said...

Sorry to hear about all the problems. Hope it feels better soon. :0)

Kim said...

Oh I am sorry to hear you are having so many problems with your thumb. I hope they get it all figured out soon and it heals soon!