Tuesday, July 3, 2007

First time Hammock users...

My Sister in law and her hubby have this neat hammock, but it seems to like to whip you upside down and dump you out in a split second. My boys whom are first time hammock users, were flung off several times and we decided that they were only allowed to use it if an adult was either on it with them or near by. Here are some pictures from the stable moments on that hammock!
Doesn't my son look comfy ??

The next picture is of my brother in law, my hubby and the 2 boys are out enjoying lunch on the lawn after a hard morning of tree trimming. The boys really wanted to help out with the tree trimming, but of course it is too dangerous for them...so they got to watch them from the window of the house or out on the hammock.

I forgot to tell you, I entered into a draw on Saturday at a rather sad charity yard sale...it was sad because of the lack of support/itmes for sale they had. Anyways, the Avon crew were there doing a draw...asked me and my sil if we wanted to put our names into the draw. We both did, a few hours later we got a call saying I had won a little bag of goodies :)! I got shampoo, conditioner, honey/lemon shower gel, hand cream, African spa foot/elbow cream with aha in it (lol, whatever that might be), body spray and also some Celin Dionne perfume. I was thrilled! I also went to the lovely stamping store called "The Stamping Den" (it is a smallish store, will be moving sometime to a larger location) in Moncton, N.B. and had a good look around...the lady who runs the store was great too :).