Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Another Explosion box

My Aunt had one of her neighbours over visiting, and she saw one of my "Explosion boxes" sitting on her coffee table that I had given her for her Birthday. She asked here where she had gotten it, my Aunt told her that I had made it and that I also make cards etc. She then asked what themes did I do, my Aunt told her that she thought I do all sorts of themes but she would have to check with me. Later, she asked if my Aunt thought I could do a bear themed box for one of her relatives who is getting married. This neighbour makes teddy bears out of old fur coats, and this is what the bride wanted for a wedding gift from her...but the neighbour thought that this box would go perfectly with her bears. So here is what I came up with, since it is so hard to come by a good looking bear that doesn't look too babyish...

For this "Explosion box" I used the bear from a set from SU I am not familiar with (I am sure that someone will fill me in as to what set he comes from) and I also used "Doodle This" for the lid. I dunno, to me teddy bears isn't exaclty a wedding theme or something one would put on a wedding gift but hey it is what they wanted. I looked at the box once I stamped on the bears and thought to myself I had to do something to make it sort of weddingish too. This is what I came up with :)! Lol, I almost forgot...I got the Matt board from "Loomis and Toole" and I used "Stayz" ink for the bears and for the doodles.