Monday, July 23, 2007

Lol, too funny.

Try this out, it is fun and funny :)! Goto Google and type in your name and needs, like for me it would be Catherine needs....when it is done searching it will show a list of things you need.

So here is what the list says I need:

~ A sloshpile Condo
~ A Tinfoil hat
~of growth
~ Access to the basement
~ My Mom
~a sanctuary, periodic retreat from the world
~ another yacht (the funny thing is I don't have one yacht!)
~to collect secretary materials
~a man with brains

tee hee...

Here is what my hubby needs:

~ a drive home
~ my help
~A home with no children (well he is out of luck on that one...since he has 3)
~Money for art supplies (ok, can't argue with this one...who doesn't need money for crafty supplies??)

~more ska and less finance
~needs a friend
~ no wake up call

Okay, now it is your turn folks...what do you need???