Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Our day with Aunt Diane

Wow, what a day we had...I actually might have to make a few posts out of the pictures I took yesterday!! We first went to the library, whithatfunny incident happened, and we came away with a lot of books...I am sure the librarians and people around us thought we were crazy with all the books we had. But see the thing is I have 3 different age levels in my home that I would like to accomodate in terms of getting books for, okay perhaps we did get a little carried away with the books ( we had 3-4 bags *the reusable kind from Superstore or Sobeys*). But it was worth it, because the joy that my older children had on their faces was very apparent and they chose books on different topics. My older son chose trucks, trains, and also books on space as well as some other books he just walked along and picked out himself. My middle child he chose a Caillou movie, books on Helicopters, and my Aunt picked out one's she felt as a librarian that we should be getting. I chose some board books with babies in it, because my dd LOVES babies in books or magazines.
The first picture is of my middle son and my dh Aunt Diane, sitting by her beautiful pond in her backyard and he is asking her questions about her pond. He kept saying "What's that?", then he would wait for her answer and then he'd ask again...this went on for a few minutes.

This is a picture of my middle son loving every minute of his lunch, which consisted of lots of raw cut up veggies (carrots, celery, broccoli) and a fruit tray (grapes, cantalope, strawberries). Plus we had chicken fingers and chicken salad sandwhiches too, what a great lunch we had! My middle child likes to take his time with his food, he becomes so involved with each meal it is too funny. Sure he might take a while to eat it, but I can gaurantee him finnishing it off in the end...unless of course he ate alot of fruit and veggies all afternoon like he did yesterday.

Here's a picture of my middle son by her pond, beautiful isn't it...we sat outside and played for much of the afternoon. The amazing thing is it wasn't buggy at all, usually it is buggy no matter where you go nowadays!!