Monday, July 23, 2007

What are the chances????

So check out this weird story, and yes it is happened to me this morning at the local library (over by my dh's Aunt's house). I decided that we haven't seen my hubbies Aunt in a long time, we usually went to her house to visit a lot last we made a playdate/ library trip out of our day today. My dh Aunt and my 3 year old went to check out movies, while myself, my dd, and my 5 year old stayed in the play area with the other parents and children. I was standing there watching my 5 year old play with the trucks on the floor, and I was pushing my dd's stroller back and forth in hopes to get her to have a nap (yeah right, not when there is all that excitement going on around her). This guy and his child walk by us, he says hey sweetie aren't you adoreable to my dd...he looks up at me and says "Hi Cathy" This is what I was called when I was a child, not anymore...I go by Catherine now. I look at him as if to say "who the heck are you??" ( I had no idea who he was or his child, and I am pretty good with remembering faces) , I think he picked up on that because he said right after that "I'm Jim we shook hands here at the library last week. I said well that is funny because i wasn't at this library last week, but my name is Cathy...he just looked at me weirdly...introduced himself again and wished me a good day. I heard him say to his child or someone who was with him "Let's go get a lotto ticket!" I then thought may be he heard my Aunt say my name...but he wasn't there when she said my name...and she wasn't saying it loud enough for him to hear where he was standing. Too creepy!!!
To make it funnier, my dh's Aunt is a librarian at a elementary school and she see's her students everywhere. Well, she met one while she was off looking at the movies and told him to come find say "Hi Cathy" and then walk away. He did come over to me, did ask me but I had already gone back over to my Aunt so I could see her face when he did come up to me. She thought it would be funny to have a second person I wouldn't know come up to me and say hi...


Tracy.H said...

That is very weird...funny though too. ;0)