Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cute arm eh??

Well, it is a good thing that I got to Kim's SU night because I had hurt my thumb/hand the night before but I thought I sprained it or just bruised it (my right hand that I write with) but it kept throbbing. It was quite painful last night I went to the ER, turns out I broke me Safroid ( spelling is wrong I am sure) bone in my thumb and I got a stern talking to about waiting 48 hours to go in. They said you can't tell on my xray, but they are sure it is broken because of how tender it is in that will show up later when it starts to heal. Soooooo, lucky me gets a splint sorta cast from the tip of my thumb down to just about my elbow for a week perhaps longer. No stamping/card creating, unless I don't care if it is sloppy :(! I can only take Tylenol or Ibprophen for pain because I am still nursing my 7 mos old dd....times like this breast feeding isn't a good thing :)!
My mom is coming out here every day to help me, cook and watch the kids...can't change bums etc with one hand or you may get more involved than you'd like to with the diaper. Thanks Mom :)!


Tracy.H said...

ouch! Hope you feel better soon! :0)

Corie said...

OH, hope you get better soon.