Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My CCE card for someone

Okay, so first things first...update about my hand *sigh*! I had an xray done of it this morning, the dr. said that he didn't see any breaks...but I think his mind was on vacation and not there at work if ya know what I mean. He said since there was no sign of a break, I didn't have to wear the cast *hurray*....but my family dr. said that it should not still be hurting if it wasn't broken. Sometimes I gotta wonder if I should become a dr., save myself the hassle and stress of going to an incompitent dr. So I am at home with my hand wrapped up beyond belief with a Tensor wrap bandage, and in a whole lot of pain...

Anywho, back to what this post is about (tee hee, sorry got off an a tangent there)....Here is my card that I made for one of the CCE people on my list for group 6. I used some scrap paper from my scrap paper folder, and then I used the stamp set that I won on Kim's blog (Creative Diversions) which I am just getting around to using. LOVE that stamp set, it is called "Retro 50's Stamps" by Pink Cat Studio and what a great stamp set it is. This is my first stamp set that is unmounted, I am excited about entering into this realm of stamp sets being unmounted :D!!!! Thanks Kim for the great "Blog Bling" :D!!


Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about your hand :( I hope it feels better soon!
Great job on this card!! I love the colour combo you used, lovely work!!