Friday, July 20, 2007

Cased from Amy over at Inkognito

Okay, so I was doing my usual blog roll reading when I came across this on Amy's blog and I just had to case it. I needed to do something for all you wonderful people to work on while you are waiting for me to get better. Please check out Amy's blog, she does amazing work :)!

Here is what she posted:

Vital Stats: Stamps (Literary Frog, Penny Black); Paper (Naturals Ivory & Garden Green, SU); Ink (Black StazOn); Other (Watercolor Crayons)I remembered seeing these corner bookmarks somewhere, but when I went looking for instructions I couldn't find any. If you know of instructions that are posted anywhere, I'd love to know how others have done it! In case you are interested in how I put mine together, I've made a quick diagram:

1. Stamp your focal image and cut it into a triangle. The angle at the top should be a 90-degree angle. I stamped my image diagonally onto the corner of a piece of cardstock and then cut off the corner.

2. Cut a second piece of cardstock (here, the green) for your bookmark. The size of this piece depends upon the size of your triangular focal image. The height of this piece should be at least as long as the bottom of your triangle (the side across from the 90-degree angle). I added a little extra height so my image would have a mat. The length of this piece should be at least 3x the distance from the bottom of your triangle to the 90-degree corner. There is no need to be precise about the length at this stage; just be sure to overestimate, especially if you added a little extra to the height for a mat.Edited to add: My focal image triangle is 2 5/8" along both short edges and 3 3/4" along the long edge. I cut a 4 3/8" by 8 1/2" piece of green cardstock to start with. I ended up trimming about 1 3/4-inches from the length in step 4 below. The mat around my image is approximately 1/8-inch wide.
3. Measure the distance of the height along the length and score a vertical line (between D & E) to create a square that encompasses A, B, C & D. Mark the diagonals of that square. Score or cut along those diagonals as shown.

4. Use the piece removed at C as a template for marking off triangle E on the side of the square. Cut around the two outside edges of E.

5. At this point, I found it desirable to trim some of the edges that would be tucked inside my bookmark so that it would lay flat. I trimmed a small amount off the edge between B & C and between C & D, being very careful not to disturb the point at which they all intersect. I also trimmed off some of the two exposed edges of E.

6. To fold the bookmark: Fold B toward the back, under A. Fold D toward the back, under B & A. Fold E upwards over D & B and tuck in under A; this will hold your bookmark together.

7. Adhere your focal image to the front of A.

8. Find a great summer read and have fun! Looking for some recommendations?


Kim said...

Now that is so cute!! I love it!

Corie said...

This is sooo cute, thanks for sharing the link!