Saturday, July 7, 2007

Weird, I can't seem to get my Title space to work to let me type a "Title" in...oh was going to be a good title too :)! Since I couldn't put it where it should go, I will put it here:


Tee hee, my order came in today from my SU party I had a few weeks ago...boy was I excited :)! I didn't know where to start, my stamps or my catty...I did the catty thing first, and made up my "Wish List" I am getting to my stamps. The stuff I got from my SU party was the "Tu- Tu terrific" stamp set, The "Blooming With Happiness" stamp set, the circle punch, some cardstock and the white pen.
I also had to post that I am going to do a tutorial on here about "Coasters", have to make some for next week for my brother and his wife's Bday's...what a great gift idea :D! This time I will remember to slow down, not get ahead of myself and take the pictures to match the steps.
I hope everyone had a good weekend, and I will post something in the next couple of son made his first "fancy" card (this is what he calls it, it is a card like mommies he says). I will post his card for all to see :D!