Monday, July 30, 2007

Annual Pool Party at Aunt Nancy's

Every year in the summer time my Dh's Aunt Nancy invites the extended family all over for a bbq/pool party, and it is a great time :)! Yesterday started out grey and cloudy, turned into downpours with thunder and lightening. In the afternoon it cleared up, and turned hot/sunny/muggy. I was glad that I had a pool to jump into yesterday, lately this muggy weather has been hard to handle. Here are some pictures from this years pool party, first picture is of my 3 year old who has no fear of the pool at all...he loves the pool and I am sure he is a fish. He jumped off the sides of the pool and went on every water floating toy in the pool :)! My 5 year old is afraid of the pool, he clung to the side of the pool or to someone, or he found a floating toy that he liked to hold on to for dear life. My dd, had a blast in the pool too...she stayed in the pool for a long time but knew when it was time for her to get out and sit with anyone who wanted to hold her.

Okay, here is a good picture taken of my fil (father in law), everytime I see it I just he is with a frog floaty and enjoying the pool with all his relatives. Sorry, dad, had to put you on here (tee hee)!

Here is my 5 year old swimming with his Uncle D. , my children just love their Aunts, Uncles, cousins and grandparents. I am so glad that we live so close to them all :)!

Here is my dh, my dd and my dh's cousins girlfriend Erin sitting around the pool talking. Okay, my dd isn't talking she is making funny noises with her mouth...which is her way of talking to her daddy.

The above picture is of my Dh's Aunt and Uncle, who are waiting for their food and thought that they would pose for this great shot. I love this picture of them :)! I will post other pictures later that I took at this pool party....didn't want to make this post a novel!