Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A new card technique

Hey everyone I found a neat site, just wish they would update their site more frequently but anyways I came across it the other day. Or perhaps one of you knows how to get to the more recent posts, either way here's the link to the site:, I decided tonight I would do something new and found this card idea that caught my eye and thought it might be fun to try. Please, let me know what you think :)!


Julie Mutch said...

This is really nice, Catherine. I like the layout a lot. I've checked out pagemaps before for card layouts, but kinda forgot about them, to be honest. Oh, there's so many inspiring places out there to visit, there just needs to be more hours in the day to look at them all! lol :)

Don't ya just love those scallops! I can't wait to start playing with mine, Tracy was so nice to share them with us! :)

Have a great day, I'll chat with ya soon! Can't wait to go to Jamie's SU party tonight! Girls night out! Yippee! :)