Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My Accordian Card

Hope everyone is having a great day, our day started out kinda grey but now is a hot sunny late afternoon/early evening. I attempted to make an accordian card, here is the link that I got the directions on how to make it:

I am pretty happy with how it turned out, please excuse the poor picture quality that my picture has and the ribbon isn't actually not off like it looks like it is in the picture :('s the picture.

I think I would make more of the tri-fold cards, and perhaps even save this card for special occasions because you need matte board for it. They suggested using cereal box kind of cardboard, but I think the matte works better! Well, off to find another fun new card to make...happy card making :D! I forgot to mention that I haven't designed the inside yet, because I am waiting on my SU order to come in that has the 2 tag punches and set of stamps too. I am itching to get them :P! I will post a picture once I get it done...