Thursday, May 24, 2007

In A Creative Rut!

I am having one of those days that I should have stayed in bed, just because from the time I got out of bed from the time I got home at lunch time was a no good very bad day. I had to take my car into the garage this morning to get the CV joint, a tie rod, a bushing, and something else fixed too. My car would make a funny clicking/clunking noise when I would go around any sort of turn, it all started after I had my car accident on Oct.31...the dealer I took it to said it couldn't possibly be due to the accident. Well, to make a long story short the dealer did a shotty job on the car repairs...the garage I took my car to today said that the CV joint most likely was broken in the accident but they don't know for sure. My daughter (she's 5 mos) exploded just before I went in to the garage to drop off the key, she had poop up to her ears...good thing I restocked my wipe container this morning. I think she has another hole I don't know about, that just appears every now and is up near the middle of her back :p! The garage people kept calling me telling me what else had to be fixed, or they found out they didn't have to fix something..that they would or wouldn't have to keep the car. Either way as of right now, my car is shouldn't make noises :D! Bad news is the bill, lol! I soooo have to convince my hubby to ditch this thing, it is has had a good life...we need something a bit bigger than what we have. We drive a Honda CRV, we can fit 3 car seats in there but I am forever wrestling with one or two carseats...time for a new to me one is what I say :)!
I am going to try, key word try to be creative tonight...I am going to break out more of my mini stamps and try to create something else new and exciting. Or I hope that when I get to my mail box that there will be 1-2 stamp sets there waiting for me to try :D!