Friday, May 4, 2007

Beautiful blanket

I had to post another post, just because I wanted to share with you this picture of a beautiful handmade blanket. My husbands Aunt Diane makes blankets for the new babies of the family, and they are very beautiful blankets...still using my sons blankets she made for my daughter. Anyways, we were at a local Christmas craft show in October or November and I came across a beautiful knitted blanket there...but they wanted like $80.oo for it. Aunt Diane said she could make that pattern, and it is such an old pattern but it is a pattern that I have grown up with in my family that my great great great Aunts used. So we snuck around the corner from that booth, while she copied down the number of rows/squares she would have to make, and the colors. We got the blanket recently, and WOW what a beautiful job!! I am glad that I am able to pass this beautiful pattern along to the next generation :)! Thank you again Aunt Diane for such a beautiful gift :)! Maiah just loves the blanket, we use it all the time!