Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My oldest

*Sniff, Sniff* My first born has started Pre-primary is a 10 session program that runs until May 31st. He started it yesterday and LOVES it :)! He is going to the pre-primary Mondays and Wednesday afternoons, then he is going to Preschool on Tuesday/Thursday mornings. He loves both the programs alot, and asks me when he gets to go next when the school session is over. Hard to believe he will be starting school in the fall!!
He is excited about starting school, but at the same time he is sad about going because his little girlfriend (he met at preschool) won't be going to his school. Lol, he apparently is very very much in love with this little girl (Julie's daughter) and tells me that they are very serious. They are planning their wedding already, the little girl has her grandmother on standby to find her the perfect dress and new tiara for this big day. Isaac has already apparently started making wedding invitations, and is learning about princesses so that he knows how to be a good husband (this is what he is telling me at meal time or whenever he gets a chance). The other day he told me that he has to ride around the bottom of a castle on a horse, then climb up the stairs (or ladder) to rescue the princess and kiss her to get her to come with him. Too cute eh? He then leaned over and said, "because that is what is done!!
Had to share, thought it would bring smiles to you all :)!