Monday, May 14, 2007

Another Michael's Adventure!!!

*sigh!* The other day I posted that I had Michael's put some rubber stamps on hold for me (4 rubber stamps to be exact), this Michael's I am talking about right now is about 1 hour away or so away from me. I drove in there this morning because it is going to rain tomorrow, and I didn't want to drag 2 out of 3 kids in and out of the car in the rain (hard enough to do on a good sunny day). We got there, I went up to the cash and asked the cashier there...she got them out! I nearly lost it, nearly got angry, nearly threw a fit, nearly pulled my hair out...nearly threw them at the lady. The stamps they had saved were inkadinkado clear stamps, not even close to the one's I had asked for or explained in detail over the phone. I asked them if they had the clear rubber stamps by Studio G and they are like $1.50 a pack, 4 or so in a pack. The lady said they did, over there and pointed to my explaination past that. I asked again where on the right, she said over there, I am still not seeing them...then a man came over and said I looked lost and if I needed help, I told him what I was looking for...too bad for me he doesn't know a lot of english or if he does he didn't seem to understand what I was saying. He found them for me, I got 8 sets of the pink Michaels clear stamps and 4 of the mounts! I went up to the cash, I told the lady there that I wasn't going to get those big stamps because that is not what I was looking for. She said "Oh, they weren't??" I said not even close to what I am looking for!! They are lucky they had some, or I think I might have asked for the manager or something!! Anyways, enough of my ranting/venting...anyone know how many pink sets there are in total?? I thank Kim and Julie to alerting me to the recent shipment of those stamps :D, they are nice one's :)!