Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good finds :)!

What a beautiful warm sunny day :)! Had another playdate set up with some mom's, had some yummy chocolate cake to celebrate Jamie's Birthday. This afternoon I had some errands to run, so that I would have a gift for my mom, my mother in law and my DH (darling husbands) grandmother for mother's day gifts for the first two and a bday gift for Nanny. I was in Staples, and I was over at the cash paying when I saw these great magnetic tins for storing things in (like embellishments). The tins didn't come with the magnetic board for them to go on, but am sure it is easy to make or find one. $1.99 each for these tins. Will post a picture later of the one's I actually did get! Okay, next I went to Michael's...again as I was paying I looked up to see the cashier putting what I had gotten in a nice canvas bag that has "Michaels" written on the them away. Get there fast if you are interested, or call first...but then again they probably won't know what they are talking about :p!! Not to be negative towards Michaels but this has been my experience with them....not knowing a thing about anything, how frustrating is that!!

I asked the lovely staff there about those "G Studio" rubber stamps ( they used to have them) no one knows what I am talking about. I asked them if there was some way to get this product or other products in they don't carry, to my surprise they said yes. They wrote down all the info I had about them, and said if enough people called in or came in and requested it they would get them in. Lol, now time to make supper!!


Jennifer said...

Those look great!!

Julie Mutch said...

ooh ooh ooh, embellie holders for an embellie addict! I 'must' get some! lol :)

Kim said...

Hey there, the Michael's in Bayers Lake just got a shipment of the 2 batch of Studio G Stamps, the ones with the pink packaging. They are awesome!! They are over towards the Anna Griffin Stamps in a floor display rack. I was in there about 3:30 today and they had all the sets and lots of them! Good Luck!!!