Monday, May 28, 2007

my son

Wow, hard to believe he is going to be three years old on the 31st of May!! He's my mr.independent, my child who can't sit still or likes to run off, he's my explorer, my scientist, my cause and effect child. He is my musically inclined child, he is very imaginative and fun to talk to now that he is saying a lot more than he did before Maiah was born. He is my Mr. tough guy, my snuggler, my very ticklish fun to play with kinda guy. He is my joker, he is something else, he is amazing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
I took this picture with my new digital camera :D!! That's right I have moved up in life :), and don't have to have not so hot pictures of my cards anymore. Hurray!


Tracy.H said...

What a cutie pie!! Have fun with the new camera!

Diana Graff said...

I am so excited!!! he is going to be 3!!!!
what fun! what are you guys up to this week?? want to get together in the morning for a playdate?? we have his birthday gift waiting forhim!