Friday, May 25, 2007

Gotta love Michael's mini stamps

Okay, today is a better day...or I should say I had a better start to today :D! I have to make 2 cards today, one is for a friend of my son who is having a bday this weekend and the other one is for a wedding shower. I have 2 sort of ideas in my head for the two cards :)! The first card is for a 5 year old boy, I am planning on using my mini stamps I got from Michaels and use the little frog that is one set of stamps I got. Stamp the frog on as a background design, then have a plane (Cuttlebug) that will be flying through the air with "Happy Birthday" trailing behind the plane :)! Now, for the shower card...hmmm...I also have mini Michael's stamps that I plan on using as well, just don't have a layout planned for this card yet. Looks like this will be my mini stamp day especially since I didn't get to them the other night. Will post pics later!