Saturday, May 5, 2007

Flip flops

Okay, it is time to break out my flipflops :)! Today was a cloudy day, but then became a nice warm sunny day with a few sprinkles of rain. I realized late last night that I only had a few (by few I mean 4) diapers left for Maiah, thought I had at least another package for her. Wrong!! I ran to town this morning and went to Lawtons (our local drugstore), and picked out some cheapos. I usually get her diapers from Walmart, I use the Parents Choice brand. It is practically the only brand that she isn't sensitive to. Once we were done there, I drove to the other neighbouring town which is like a 15 minute drive to go to the library there. My boys love reading books, so had to find one's about: " Little Critter", "Bob the Builder", Dinosaurs, trucks. Plus, they requested a movie or two :), so I picked out some and then came home. Did laundry, played with the kids a bit and of course made meals :p! Going to do some cards tonight :)!