Friday, May 25, 2007

Another fun challenge for you :)!

I know, I just finnished doing a challenge for some blog candy for me but I found this really great challenge and a great gift idea :)! Just wanting to keep you on your toes, and not let those ink pads dry or your cardstock's get forgotten :p! I cased this over at Jennifer Reeve's blog called "Inking Along", here is her blog addy so you can go take a peek and then do this challenge: I will definitely be doing this one, just have to get the right paper for the job which means a trip over to "Photo Memories" store tomorrow after I get my hair cut. This store is expensive but I think for this project it needs some pretty special fun paper, and that is where I think I will find some :)!
Yes, I did say get my hair cut...see it is down to my shoulders now, it is naturally curly on humid days and naturally frizzy for all the rest :p! My 5 mos. old daughter is feeling the need to make me bald fast, so I am getting it chopped off..not sure how I want it done yet but hoping that I will get something I like. I am nervous though...what if I come out looking like a flower or a french poodle :p??? Gack, can't have that!!!