Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ty, Mrs. Cox

The other day when my dh came home from work he handed my a bag saying that it was from his father, I looked inside the bag and I found these lovely things inside. I was surprised my father in law got these for me, then thought perhaps it was my mil (mother in law) who got them for me when she was out grocery shopping. Then I come to find out that I a lady from my church (Mrs. Cox) was at the dollar store and she came across these...she said that she couldn't leave them there. She thought that if she did get them she would keep them and never use she got them for me :)! It made my night, I was having one of those days that was a hrad one and a treat is what I needed :)!

Thank you again Mrs. Cox :), you are a sweetie! So, I just had to make her a thank you card, so I used that cofee card I made the other day and was going to put "Thanks a latte" but then refrained because I thought it would be too cheesie. I would however like to ask, how many of you use these lovely stickers/embellishments on your cards?? I haven't used these often, think I would use them with the right card...going to have to step outside my comfort zone box I think.