Thursday, December 13, 2007

2 Christmas cards, one for my sons teacher and one for his student teacher

Last night was my older son's first Christmas concert, but he wanted to give his teacher her gift and then he decided that it would be nice to give his student teacher a gift too. I was going to do this anyways, but he wanted to do it last night at the concert :)! I luckily was able to give them their gifts last night, I made his teacher one of those altered boxes I made with cards inside. For his student teacher I gave her that tin that I altered last, I think I posted it yesterday or the day before. Their gifts needed cards though, so I whipped up two Christmas cards quickly and wrapped their gifts...

This first card I used a piece of patterned paper from the Christmas slab of patterned paper from Michael's, which I attached to white flat cardstock (my cards base). Then I cut out the 2 pieces of cardstock that I was going to use for my sentiment. Once I measured and cut out my 2 pieces, I used the SU ticket punch on the corners and stamped the sentiment from the Seasons of Joy set. I attached the white piece of carstock to the mellow moss cardstock with mini pop dots, and then attach that to the bottom corner of my cards base. Next, I stamped the nightengale image onto a piece of white flat cardstock using my black Brilliance ink pad and then I cut out around the bird leaving a bit of a white edge all around the bird. I attached the bird to my cards base using photo stickers, then I debated for a few minutes if I should color in the bird or leave it and in the end I chose to leave it.

For the next card I stamped the flower from the Season of Joy stamp set onto my card using versamark ink pad, and I stamped this image all over my cards base. For the cards base, I used Avacado flat cardstock that I picked up from Carousel Rubberstamp store and the swirly flower image is from the See D's stamp set called "Nightengale" which also came from Carousel. Then I stamped the swirly flower onto a piece of white cardstock, using my red dew drop ink pad and then I cut it out leaving bit of a white edge all around it. I then attached this swirly flower to my cards base using mini pop dots, and put this image in the center of my card :)!

The teacher was very touched that we took the time to think of them, and to make the gift rather than doing the usual thing. I was going to do the usual thing, tee hee, good thing I didn't :p! The student teacher said that we didn't have to do that for her, but I explained to her that she too was a teacher to my son, that my son thinks highly of her and wanted to do something special for her. She was almost in tears, she gave my son a HUGE hug!

Now that I have the extended family gifts done/out of the house, and the teachers gifts done/out of the house I now have to get on with other stocking stuffers. Yep, I even have to get my own stocking stuffers, because one year my dh lacked big time with the stocking stuffers. It only took me a few seconds to get through my stocking, and most of the contents were nasty tasting pink candy canes. So from that day forward I have been getting things on behalf of my dh to help him a bit with the stocking stuffers, lol, ever since then he has been doing well with the stocking :p! I am worried though he hasn't asked me for a hint, usually by now he has asked me what I would like for Christmas...I just might have to go do my own Christmas shopping too :p!

Have a great day :D! For those of you who live in my area STAY INSIDE, I was out there this morning...yep, I was the crazy lady with her three children out walking her older son down to his bus stop. STAY INSIDE and STAY WARM :)!