Monday, December 10, 2007

My dd First Birthday

The first picture is of my dh's Aunt bringing my dd her Birthday cake, my dh is holding our dd and her brothers are also in the picture.

This picture is of my dd eating some of the icing that she grabbed from her cake, she isn't too sure about it. Her Aunt let her put her hand into the cake, lol, I tried to get that shot but someone walked infront of me and when I took the shot I got nothing but blurr.

So the next picture is of her Birthday cake, it wasn't taken at the best angle and I apologize for that but I figured I wouldn't get a picture of the cake if I didn't click when I did. It is definitely a PINK cake :)!

This last picture is of my dd trying out her new "Shop and Grow" walker, lol, she has been walking all over the house with it all day long. She has put her dolly that she got from her Great Uncle Ray and Aunt Judy in the cart, and her favorite bear in the cart too. She has even tried to get a ride in the cart, the cart isn't even that big but it seems that children have to try things out at least once.


Tracy.H said...

What a cutie!! :0)