Friday, December 14, 2007

Enabler here

I was at Carousel yesterday checking out their templates for little boxes, because I have been asked to make invitations and favors for my dh's Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary party (shhh it is a secret, they don't know what is going on). If you use the cardstock from Carousel then you can use their template machine for free, if you use other cardstock then it is $.25 *I think*. I found the perfect sized box for the party favors :)! So on to the next important reason I was there, lol, to ask if there were any new stamp sets around...tee hee, and there was. There are 3 new stamp sets, there was one with 2 pointsetta's and a few sentiments (beautiful set)! Then there were 2 different snowmen sets, with different sentiments too...very beatiful sets...mind you they weren't See D's they are made by Darcies. I couldn't leave one of the snowmen sets there, so I brought one home :)!

Then I was over at Michael's getting some acryllic spray, and some cork board because I was also asked to do a Intergenerational craft for my dh's Grandparents church for about 10 people. I am going to make coasters with about 10 people :D, so I am excited about is going to take place this Sunday afternoon :)! So while I was at Michael's I was checking out the Studio G's hiding spots out to see if there were new stamp sets out (like the xmas one's). Sure enough lookie lookie what I found, I found a new stamp set out there and grabbed as many as I could. These sets are too cute, especially he kitty set, the family set, the pregant lady set, pretty princess set, the friends set, the thank you set..oh heck they are all great :). Can't wait to use some of these new sets :)!

Also, if you run over to PhotoMemories store you can get 10 sheets of paper for $1.oo and also there are things from 25-75% off...I am sure we can find some goodies over there (going to have to figure how to get over there to check things out). I tend to go over to that store to get really really good quality patterned paper, like if I am altering things that is where I get my patterned paper. Or the Gel-A-tin sets or other things too :)! Go over and check things out, you don't have to get anything...ok may be you do :)!

Today I am making a card or two for different people, and altering things, doing house work....and more crafty things :)! Gotta go put a few logs on the fire before I get frozen here in my crafty/computer area :P!

As I sit here uploading my images, and doing housework/playing peek a boo with my dd, I am starting to think that my son isn't feeling well. He fell asleep several hours ago, just woke up a few minutes ago and he came to see me and then he is back lying on the couch not doing anything. He didn't even ask to turn on a movie or his favorite show...weird!!


Tracy.H said...

Wow!! What a great find! I hope our Micheals gets these too.

Hope your little one is not getting sick...not fun at this time of the year! :0)