Monday, December 17, 2007

Which card do you like??

Here is the first 60th wedding anniversary card that I made for my dh's Grandparents special day, but it just didn't look right to me...and so I had to make another one of course :)! So I have made 2 cards here for you to choose from, and the design isn't written in stone any changes had best come now. Would love your opinion as to which card you like best :), me personally I like the second card the best. The colors I used were avacado flat cardstock and also blush cardstock from Carousel, I used one of my cuttlebug folders on the blush cardstock.

I am especially hoping that Aunt Nancy and Aunt Diane are looking at this blog today to let me know which card that they like :)!


Melissas said...

They are both pretty, but the one with the bow on the bottom center is nicer. The main image stands out a little more and the bow draws your eye up to the kiss. Thanks for sharing!

Tracy.H said...

They are both great! I think I like the one with the bow at the bottom best though. :0)

Julie Mutch said...

Hi Catherine,

I like the second card, as well, with the bow in the centre. I might also incorporate a bit of bling to the card, seeing as how it's their 60th wedding anniversary - Diamond anniversary. Just a thought. Perhaps a bit of clear gems or gem brads to the corners.

Have fun making all the cards. Can't wait to see what you choose to do. Talk to ya soon! :)