Friday, December 21, 2007

My middle son

Here is an update on my middle son, all day yesterday he seemed back to his usual self but he still had his cough and this rash. He fell asleep mid afternoon, woke up with a temperature of 105 and so I gave him some Advil in hopes it would bring it down...I checked his temp 30 min after and it was down to 104 (still high). I put him in a lukewarm bath, but that just made it worse...not even 2 hours after giving him the Advil his temp was back up to 105. I took him in to see our duty dr. or dr. on call, and she thought she heard a rattle in his chest, told me it might be onset of Pneumonia or Bronchitis. She put him on anitbiotics, and told me to rotate between Advil and Tylenol every 4 hours (this is something new the dr's have discovered is more effective).
This morning he is fine, no fever, no cough, a rash, the runs and tummy pains (which ended this morning)...but other than that he is fine :)! I hope his fever doesn't come back and that this is the end of it so we can carry on getting ready for Christmas :)...will keep you posted...


Tracy.H said...

Poor little guy! Hope he is feeling much better tomorrow.