Monday, December 10, 2007

My walking 1 year old :)

This picture is of my dd walking, she decided that on her first Birthday she should be walking alot more and ever since Saturday morning she has been walking non stop. This picture was taken at my dh's Aunt's house at my dd's 1st Bday party :)! Not only was it a bday party for her, but it was the family's time to exchange all the gifts for Christmas...we didn't open any (don't worry) we just pack them into our cars and take them home to be opened Christmas day as hard as that is for our children. We had a lot of fun, a lot to eat, and had a great time with our family :)!

Before I forget, I am going to post this question here in this post because I am in need of some help. See my oldest son, took it upon himself (this is totally not something my older son would do, it is out of character for him) to make a picture with markers on the back of my middle son's seat in the van. Guess how thrilled I was when I found this?? I nearly blew a gasket or two, I couldn't believe he did was something my 3 year old would do but not him...anyways, I am in serious need of advice on how to get this washable marker off the seat in the car. Any advice or ideas?? I am sure I am NOT the first to have this experience, lol!

This next set of pictures is of my dd talking on her toy phone, she is at the nonsense babble stage but is doing well holding up the phone to her head and is a pro at pushing all the buttons. She got that phone, because she was dialing out on our cordless phone and programing our phone to do odd we got her this phone to play with. At first she wasn't into this phone, she kind of pushed it aside...but now that she is 1 she is LOVING the phone as any girl would :p! Whenever someone calls now, she always has to have me put the phone to her ear so she can listen in...sometimes she looks over her shoulder to see who is talking to her but she doesn't realize they are on the phone talking to her. Other times she will smile and giggle for some people when they call and when they talk to her or sing her songs, I forgot how fun this age is. This next picture is of my dd looking like she is having a very intense conversation, lol, or is trying to think of something (too cute eh?) and she even was crawling around the kitchen like she was pacing. If only she could walk better, I am sure she would be pacing like we do as adults when we are on the phone :)!


Tracy.H said...

She is just too cute! Once they start walking they just seem to take off!

They only thing I would suggest for the marker is to try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It works on everything. It just may leave a film on the material, but it's worth a try. Good luck!