Thursday, December 20, 2007

need to get things done and fast

I have to make 3 more cards for my box of cards gift set that I am making for someone, I seriously am in need of a kick in the pants to get in gear and get all my xmas projects done. I hope I can get all of them done, without pulling any all nighters :)! Once I get those projects done, I have to get doing a major cleaning job on my house, because we are having Christmas dinner here.

Before we do anything in terms getting our tree etc., we have to get our little guy feeling better :(! He started out with a weird rash on his lower back, then it went up to his armpit only on one side and I haven't looked at it this morning to see if it is still there or if it is worse. He has a high fever, his head hurts, he aches everywhere, has thrown up a few times, and he has a nasty cough too :(...poor guy! He laid out on the futon all day yesterday, he only moved to go to the bathroom and then he would be right back on the couch but at least this morning he wanted to help me sort the laundry.

This weekend, we have to go get our Christmas tree from our backyard (don't worry it isn't one of the one's that have fallen down from the past hurricane)...I am not one for Charlie Brown trees. Get some nice evergreen branches for my fireplace mantle, I got some berry garland to put all throughout the evergreen...we have to decorate the tree and just continue cleaning like a crazy lady. Oh yeah, I also have to wrap a few more gifts too and I need to get a few more stocking stuffers...I hope you all are a bit more ahead than I am :)!
Recipe for cards
Card 1:
I used cardstock called Aloe Weave Cardstock from Carousel for the base of my card, and I also used a scrap piece of blush cardstock and creame cardstock from Carousel as well.
Stamp set:
I used "Carte Postale" stamp set for this card
I used ribbon that I picked up from Michael's called Straight 'N' Narrow
I used mini pop up dots and those photo stickers
I used Bravo Burgandy ink pad, and also Niagra Mist Dew Drop VersaMagic ink pad
Card #2
I used Aloe Weave cardstock from Carousel, some patterned paper from Michael's, and come cream/marbled colored cardstock
Stamp set:
I used "Carte Postale" stamp set
I used "Mellow Moss" ink pad, and for the stitched look I used my sepia Martha Stewart Craft pen
I used green colored brads


Tracy.H said...

Great cards! Hope your little one feels better soon. Not fun being sick at Christmas!! :0)

Lorie said...

Love your cards...they are so pretty! Of course...all your stuff is!

I'm sure you have but you've called the doctor about your son,right? I'm sure they would be interested in what is going on.

Here's hoping you get everything done!