Saturday, December 1, 2007

Boxes, boxes and more boxes

The next 3 boxes you will see here posted on my blog, were altered using paper from "Soft Serenity" from the Scrap Pads by Provo Craft. I got these papers the other day from Michael's, they were on the other side on a shelf in the paper, the side I never look on to be honest. Not sure why, but yesterday I did look and I found these beautiful papers :)! All four of the boxes I altered still need a little something added to them, not sure what yet..but perhaps you can give me some ideas :)! I finally got the hang of altering these boxes, and will alter more in the future I think...these boxes are going to hold several of my cards and some envelopes for...great xmas gift ideas I thought.

I am now off to make a gift card holder for a gift card that I picked up the other day and it didn't come with anything (like an envelope or box) , think I may pop over to SCS to see what different ideas they have there...I have a vague idea of what I am looking for but don't know if that is what I am going to use. Happy Blogging :)!